"Not your typical..."

Going into business is hard, very hard. Most business owners are forced to spend so much time working in the business that they do not get time to work on the business. Giggle has already invested the time and money developing a system proven to deliver results. Best of all Giggle is not your typical franchise, our model removes many of the roadblocks faced by most businesses such as staff problems, high overheads or suddenly finding your business at the losing end of the latest trends. This frees up your time to allow you to grow your franchise and generate income. All this with the support of a motivated franchisor and many Giggle franchisees just like yourself.


Recurring Income

Businesses that generate a recurring income give you flexibility and are in high demand. Their re-sale value is generally much higher than that of your typical business.

Low Overheads

Keeping your overheads low in business is very important. The Giggle Entertainment Network model is built with this principle in mind. Low overheads are a huge advantage!

Hold Out Competition

Being an early adopter provides lots of advantages; best of all is the ability to saturate a market and hold our your competition. Giggle's unique model provides just that, be first to market in the territory and once established, you can hold out the competition whilst delivering exceptional value to your clients through sheer saturation.

No Staff

With staff comes stress, management, payroll, discipling, training and lots of other challenges that make life hard for most business owners. How much easier would business be if it was so simple that an owner could operate their business by themselves and still maintain a generous work/life balance? Join Giggle to understand more.

Low Franchise Fees

With traditional franchises, the higher your turnover, the higher your fees. Giggle has a low fixed fee so the more you earn the more you keep. This means you reap the benefits of your hard work rather than everyone else.


Business should be enjoyably fulfilling and at Giggle it is. You are adding value to local business owners just like yourself. The payoff is clients who are excited to see you and therefore a fun working relationship between you.

Tech Savvy

Giggle is a tech savvy business with all systems cloud based and operating using todays technology. If you want to be involved with an innovative company then that is who we are.

Ongoing Support

Franchising is about reducing your risk through strong partnership; your success is our success and vice versa. Giggle provides a support network that is available at anytime from anywhere in the world based on our proven systems. You get the freedom of owning your own business whilst enjoying the support of a Master Franchisor.

High Gross Profit

A high gross profit margin is one of the best indicators that a company is in good financial health. It means you can cover costs and start earning a return fast. At Giggle, you sell the same space over and over, banking most of the income, it’s simple and smart.


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