About Giggle?

"We value partnership above all else."

Giggle is a fun and unique business opportunity which provides residual income. The concept is simple to understand, the medium is trending, our growth is through the roof and we are already the biggest digital signage network in Australasia.

Our goals as a franchisor are simple:

  • Be franchisor of choice
  • Add value to small to medium enterprise
  • Maintain #1 for screen locations

These goals are in priority order and to achieve them we value partnership above all else. No matter what hurdles we face, as long as we have strong partnerships, especially with our franchisees, then as a team we will triumph.

Attitude is key to good partnerships and at Giggle we seek out franchisees who are sometimes quirky, often crazy and always open minded. Running a successful franchise territory is not about your marketing skills or having a business degree. It’s about communication, motivation, using systems and being open to learning. It also does not hurt to be a bit eccentric!

Franchises are available within both NZ and Australia. If this sounds like you then please take a look around and complete the expression of interest. We look forward to speaking with you!


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